About us

Services offered

At Prestigious Pets your Pet is our family. When you can't be with your baby we are here to take care of all your fur babies needs. Offering a wide variety of services.
Dog walks, cat visits, small critter care, pet sitting, overnight sitting, vet drops, pet taxi, boarding case by case. We are here and can tailor to your exact needs. Please contact Helen for services. 

Our family

Prestigious Pets was started in 2012 by Helen Hubbard for her great love of animals. She has built up an amazing team of hard working, reliable, animal whisperers. We are here to make your families and babies lives easier and happier. We all love your pets as much as you do.
licensed and insured
Contact Helen@PrestigiousPetsVa.com

Quick highlights

                 Open 365 day a year                                  

                 20 min walks $18
                 30 min walks $23
                 45 min walk $30
                  hour visits $40
                  $5 each additional pet                                     

                  $10 same day call in/ meets
                 holiday charge times half